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Information Covered

  • 00:20 – A general update about what’s going on with me
  • 00:35 – What I’m doing with my plant collection currently
  • 1:48 – Some exciting updates and interesting info about a few specific plants
  • 9:56 – A few nice accessories I got recently
  • 12:00 – A quick reveal of a couple of terrariums including my latest work, the 35″ Brancharium

Plants shown in video

Product Links

Water distiller

Create your own distilled water for watering sensitive plant species, watering terrariums without leaving mineral residue, and using for emergency purposes.


Nice little fogger to create a mist / cloud forest effect in terrariums and vivariums.

Digital timer

My favorite timer that I use for all of my lighting and also for fans in some cases when I need periodic air movement.

PC fans

One of the fan models I use a lot (they have various sizes and powers too)

Fan controller

Simple controller to adjust the speed/power of PC fans so you can dial in the right amount of air movement for each terrarium or grow tank.

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