Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Borneo (Sarawak)
Growth Habit
Climbing, Trailing/Rambling, Clumping, Groundcover

Begonia lichenora is an extremely rare, miniature species.

As of the last update of this information (2019-12), the plant is relatively new to my collection. I’ve yet to discover the exact care that it desires, and am struggling a bit with it. It seems to be a very delicate and touchy plant, easily crashing and melting away.

The one piece that is surviving, and looking best, is in pure Sphagnum and extreme humidity. (See gallery image of plant atop sphagnum and leaf litter). The photo of the plant in a mossy pot is from when it was first received. The plant / cuttings were removed from there and placed in various containers for experimentation.

Getting water on the stems and foliage seems to be a good way to make it melt, so avoid doing that.

Low light levels induce a bluish, iridescent coloration on the foliage.

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