Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions I get asked a lot.

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Do you sell anything? Where can I buy things?

Do you sell plants?

No, I do not sell plants.

See some helpful Tips about where to get plants from.

Do you sell any products?

I don’t yet sell my own products, but can recommend a few great products and vendors.

See my helpful Resources Page

Additionally, I have an Amazon page which has helpful lists of my favorite products, organized by type of product, as well as by project or goal.

View my Amazon Page

Where do you get your plants from?

Friends & Collectors

Most of my plants come from other collectors and friends. I typically do a lot of networking, and befriend other people in the hobby. Then I either trade with them or buy from them. See the Networking Tips info, a bit down this page.

Online Specialty Nurseries

I occasionally buy from online specialty nurseries and sites that sell plants for terrariums, vivariums, aquariums, and so on. Sometimes you’ll be able to track down some sources by doing an online search for these topics, or even for the plants you are looking for.

Exporters / Importers

Rarely, I will order from plant exporters in other countries, or from importers that bring things in from other countries. When importing, it’s extremely important to understand the laws in your location, and to have the proper permits. Illegal and shady practices when importing are likely to bring heavier restrictions and policing in the future, so please be as responsible as possible, and help spread the word.

Plant and Supply Sources (USA)

Check out the Resources page (Doesn’t contain a lot of plant sources yet, but there are a few good ones)

Networking Tips

To find all of these people and sources, and to build friendships and networks, takes a lot of time and work, but it’s worth it. Many of my sources are personal and private, and therefore I can’t give out their information. However, I can offer some suggestions to help you in this journey.

One of the best ways to build your own personal network is to join forums, groups, and other online communities, that are about terrarium plants, vivariums, and so on. Some of these even have sales and auctions. You can also send private messages to people and strike up a conversation. Try Facebook, Reddit, Dendroboard, and other sites where communities hang out.

You can also search online for the plants you’re looking for, and if the search turns up any companies or individuals that have them, you can contact those people to inquire (and perhaps create a new network connection!).

The more involved you get in the hobby and the more time and energy you put into it, the more you’ll start to build up a great list of sources and friends. The key is to be patient, let it happen naturally, and find people who resonate with your interests and personality, so genuine friendships can form.

Where can I buy plants and supplies?

First, be sure you read the section on this page titled “Where do you get your plants from?”

Then, consider looking at a few of my recommended sources on my helpful Resources Page (there are not a lot of plant sources listed yet, but I’ll add more over time)

Additionally, often times you can simply track down sources of plants and supplies by doing searches online. Simply type what you’re interested in, search, and then dig through all of the website results, image results, and so on. You may find your way to a seller, or to someone who can help you track down what you want. If something is very rare, you may not find it right away. Sometimes you need to be patient and keep working at it.

Where can I get terrarium moss?

My recommendations are in this in-depth article: All About Terrarium Mosses and Liverworts

Plant Care

What lights should I use for my plants?

Please watch my video about what lights I use for my plants.

What fertilizer should I use for terrarium plants?

Please watch my video about Terrarium Plant Fertilization.

What do you grow your plants in?

Please watch my Bioactive Grow Bin Tutorial series.

How do you set up your bins and lights?

Please watch my Grow Rack Setup Tutorial Series.


How do you make your terrariums / wabi kusa / etc?

See the How I Built It category of posts, which includes behind-the-scenes videos, photos, commentary, tips, and more.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Where can I see the terrariums you’ve made?

My best work is featured in the Terraria Profiles Portfolio.

Most profiled builds include information about construction, materials, plant lists, and relevant videos.

Which plants are good for terrariums? What plants do you grow?

Check out my ever-growing plant database.

In general, for typical terrariums, I recommend miniature plants, which stay small.

They will look more appropriate in scale, not outgrow the container, and are often more interesting than the larger houseplants available everywhere.

Other Questions

Can you identify this moss/plant/bug?

The short answer:

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Your best bet is to get close up, sharp, well-lit photos, and then post them in some Facebook groups or forums which are relevant to the thing in question.

The long answer:

Moss, plants, bugs, and so forth are very difficult to accurately identify, for several reasons.

  1. The photo quality, detail, lighting, and level of magnification required are often not met by the typical person looking for an ID.
  2. Many mosses, bugs, and other tiny things require specialized knowledge, a dichotomous identification key, and a magnifier or macro photos.

Therefore, your best bet to get an ID is to ensure you have high quality photos, and then get in contact with people who have a lot of knowledge specifically about the subject matter; some really great resources are forums and Facebook groups.

Can you answer questions about animals/vivariums?

No, I don’t offer advice about animals, because I don’t have the necessary knowledge or experience to give the correct answers, and because I specialize only in plants. There may be the occasional info or warning about some animal-related thing in some of my content (for example, warning frog owners about Chytrid fungus in moss), but generally I don’t cover it.

If you have animal-related questions, I would advise joining relevant online forums, communities, Facebook groups, and so on.