Moss Terrarium Inspiration

Terrarium Moss Tips Cheat Sheet

This moss tips cheat sheet is a quick-reference of summarized tips for terrarium moss and mossariums, to save you time and get you going in the right direction.

Moss Information Resources

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GBIF | Global Biodiversity Information Facility

An incredible resource with an extremely large amount of data, worldwide. Great for researching species or other taxon, to see photos and observations, geographical range, and a lot more. One of my go-to research tools. One word of caution: GBIF automatically pulls photos from iNaturalist, and since many iNaturalist users are not professionals, their proposed identifications can be incorrect. This means that sometimes you’ll see photos on GBIF which are not the species you’re researching. GBIF is still a great resource, but approach the images section with the aforementioned fact in mind.

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Ferns, Lichens, and Mosses (Facebook Group)

A large group of enthusiasts and some professionals. Good for seeing photos, sharing your own photos, and discussing the wonderful world of bryophytes. Take identification suggestions from this group with a grain of salt. (Identifying moss online from photos is difficult if not impossible, and most comments will not be from professionals anyway)

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Bryophyta taxon on

A landing page on Discover Life, dedicated to bryophytes (moss, liverworts, hornworts), with information, links to included taxon, identification info, links to other sites, and more.