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A complete tour of my entire rare terrarium plant collection. Stay tuned for further installments. Check out the Plant Database for photos, information, and culture notes for various miniature and rare plants.

Part 1

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Part 1 of the tour of my entire rare terrarium plant collection. First couple minutes have important notes you should know, but tour begins at 1:45 if you want to skip them.

  • I won’t go over care since most of that is in my “How to Grow Terrarium Plants” playlist as well as other videos on my channel
  • Many of my plants are not identified, so unfortunately I cannot tell you the name of every single one.
  • Many of my bins have a lot of small plants all mixed together so I won’t be talking about every single plant
  • I do not sell plants, so I won’t be replying to any inquiries about that
  • Most of my plant sources are private contacts, friends, etc which I can’t freely share, so I won’t be replying to requests asking where I got them. That said, I have some helpful info on my FAQ page that will get you going in the right direction if you wish to begin collecting the types of plants I show on my channel.

Part 2 – Coming Soon

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