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sp China
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Clumping, Pendant

An attractive, unusual plant, with pendent growth form.

It is native to China and surrounding countries, where it grows as a lithophyte in rock crevices.

It has alternately aligned, partially overlapping leaves, which are partly serrate to crenate near the pointed edges.

The stems are covered in imbricate sheaths, almost perpendicular to each leaf petiole.

A friend tried keying this out for an ID, and believes this may be a form of Elatostema salvinioides.

It is likely that this plant will grow larger, or at least longer, than what is pictured here.


In nature, this species grows in a pendent fashion from vertical surfaces, so it is best grown mounted in a similar way.

Substrate should be well drained. Some options are tree fern panel, Epi Web panel, or in a hanging pot or fabric bag, with a coarse custom mix including organic and mineral elements.

It may benefit from some lime chips, lava rock, or similar alkaline additives.

The roots should be kept moist. Avoid water sitting on the foliage for too long.

High humidity is desirable, but provide some decent air movement to help dry the foliage.

Measurements from my specimen (2020-02-02)

Total length including stem from base to tip of leaves: 16cm

Width from leaf tip to leaf tip at widest spot: 5cm

Stem thickness: 3-4 mm

Largest leaf length: 30mm

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