Learn one of the simplest and easiest methods of propagating moss.

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In this video and article

  • Basic tutorial for propagating moss by division

You can never have too much moss! In this video I show you one of the many ways you can propagate terrarium moss. As with most of my tutorials and content about bryophytes, I am specifically focused on tropical and subtropical species.

I am not going to go over any points about wild-collected moss, temperate species, or any other considerations such as quarantining, disinfection, and so forth. Those topics are very complex, and outside the scope of this basic tutorial.

In this example I am using tropical moss which I have already been growing in a small container, and I want to increase the speed at which I get a larger amount from that sample.

Basic steps:

  1. Put moist sphagnum moss in a deli container or tray
  2. Divide your moss sample up into small pieces
  3. Spread the moss pieces out over the surface of the sphagnum
  4. Press down firmly
  5. Mist in with distilled water
  6. Optionally, add a natural fertilizer such as worm castings
  7. Either put a ventilated lid on the container, or put the container in a grow tank

Moss Culture Progression Example

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