A detailed behind-the-scenes series which explains how I built the “Buce Ravine” Terrarium. Includes lots of tips, tricks, and techniques.

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Part 1

Foundation, Rocks, and Roots. As the series begins, I show you how I created the foundation, planned and constructed the Dragon Stone hardscape, embedded everything into the tank, and started attaching the spider wood roots.

Part 2

Substrate and tree stump. In this next part of the series, I show you the various substrates used and how they were added. Then you will learn the secrets of how I created the tree stump near the top, and tips for making things look more natural.

Part 3

Planting, and further details. Finally, I add the plants, including Lemmaphyllum microphyllum, Bucephalandra, Octoblepharum moss, and “Buce Moss” (which is actually a leafy liverwort, not a moss).

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