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When the idea for this kusamono came to mind, I envisioned a tree stump in the space where a woodland forest meets an open meadow on an early Summer day.

General Info

This display is kept inside a glass aquarium, along with other kusamono, where it stays humid.

It is lit with LED lights for a 13 hour photoperiod.

I occasionally mist the display with distilled water.

The primary substrate, beneath the moss carpet, is mostly red clay, with a bit of crushed Fluval Stratum mixed in.

The Sinningia is planted in a bit of Sphagnum.

Container Info

The tray is a custom-made, one of a kind piece. I selected it for the unique, oblong shape, as well as the imperfect, rustic characteristics.

Tray dimensions are approximately 14″ x 5″ x 1.5″

It was purchased at a bonsai supply center.

Plant List

  • Sinningia muscicola
  • Juncus repens
  • Miscellaneous moss spp.

Special Thanks

Some time ago, I was browsing Instagram and came across the amazing work of Nature Craft Studio, who is now one of my favorite naturescaping artists.

Their portfolio opened my eyes to a new form of artistic nature display, the Kusamono. I was very inspired, and have since been looking at a lot of Kusamono photos online. Still, their work is some of the most unique and interesting that I’ve seen.

I drew a lot of inspiration from their work, and since this “Forest’s Edge” Kusamono is one of my first in this style, I wanted to give them a shout out.

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