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The container is a glass vase found at a local hobby store.

The vase dimensions are approximately 6″ tall by 5.5″ wide at the bottom by 4″ wide at the mouth.

A large glass petri dish is used as a lid for this terrarium.

The light is a generic LED puck light bought on Amazon, approximately 240 lumens, daylight color.

The plants are given a photoperiod of 13 hours.

A rock, bought at an aquarium store, serves as the hardscape centerpiece.

The substrate is a mix of various types of sand, plus a small amount of peat.

Misting is done with distilled water when needed to keep the moss happy.

Plants and moss are occasionally fed with 1/2 strength Grow More Urea-Free Orchid Fertilizer, mixed with distilled water.

Plant List

  • Pinguicula esseriana
  • Variety of moss and liverworts
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