Bucephalandra, AKA “Buce” are commonly grown as aquarium plants, but can also be grown above water (emersed). Learn exactly how to do that in this tutorial series. In Part 1 you’ll learn important info about Buce, their habitat, and get a tour of my collection. Let’s get started!

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Information Covered (Part 1)

  • Overview and information about Bucephalandra and their natural habitat, so you can be an informed grower
  • Tour of my emersed Buce setups

All videos in the series

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Where to buy Bucephalandra

For hobbyists in the USA, I use and highly recommend Buceplant.com.

They carry a huge selection of Bucephalandra, as well as tons of other amphibious and aquatic plants which can be grown emersed for terraria and wabi kusa.

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