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(not known)
Trade Names
sp Philippines
Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Growth Habit
Clumping, Groundcover, Tuberous
Rest Period
Sporadic - Partial to full foliage die back and dormancy.

Identification note:

As of 2022-07, I believe this species may be Corybas kaiganganianus, which was described and published in 2022-04. See Resources section. I am tentatively referring to this plant as Corybas cf kaiganganianus


As of 2019-11, I’m using the following substrate mix for this species:

5:3:2; peat moss: perlite : fine bark (Pinus radiata)

The substrate surface is topped lightly with Sphagnum to keep moisture in and humidity up.



The plant is kept very humid by growing in a seed dome (dome lid is not shown in the accompanying photos, but is kept on at all times)

The substrate is kept evenly / lightly moist by misting with distilled water occasionally.

During dormancy the watering is slightly reduced.


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