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The concept of this piece is that you are viewing an epiphyte-covered branch in the jungle canopy. There is no terrestrial element; it’s entirely composed of a suspended branch, as if it were sliced from the forest and placed in the glass box.

I know there are some other branchariums out there, but I honestly came up with the concept on my own a very long time ago, before I ever saw any other examples. It’s taken many years for this idea to become a reality since I first envisioned it.

General Info

The branch is approximately 35″ long.

It is lit with a NICREW ClassicLED for a 13 hour photoperiod.

There is a 60mm PC fan hanging at one end of the tank (removed for the photo) which turns on and off periodically throughout the day to reduce mold growth and keep the epiphytic plants growing better.

Container Info

The tank is an Aquatop 12 gallon bookshelf aquarium.

The dimensions are approximately 35.5″ x 8.25″ x 9.5″

Plant List

Special Thanks

Even though I came up with the brancharium idea on my own, other people also came up with the same concept independently. So, I gleaned ideas and inspiration from other branchariums over the years. I would like to credit Mikael Karlbom for the great photos and info he posted about his lovely brancharium, as well as a few other people who showcased their designs and ideas.

How I made it

How I Made the Branch Terrarium