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This piece features a dramatic tree stump and root hardscape, protruding from a sloped landscape.

I envisioned a clay hillside in a shaded, forested area, which had eroded away over time and then was colonized by moss and other small jungle plants.

As with most of my designs, I was going for simplicity, so the quantity of plants is minimal, and with a limited species list.

Note: To learn how I made this terrarium, check out the Crown Forest Build Series.

General Info

This terrarium is lit with a NICREW ClassicLED.

The stump (including the three smaller tips at lower right) is comprised of 6 separate pieces of wood.

The substrate is a custom mixture of clay, peat, and other natural ingredients.

A bit of Willow-Oak leaf litter is strewn about on the forest floor.

Dwarf White Isopods, and Springtails, (sometimes called microfauna) help keep the tank healthy and free of excess mold.

Container Info

The tank is an Aquatop 12.7 gallon rimless aquarium with high clarity low iron glass

The dimensions are 23.6″ x 8″ x 15.75″


On occasion I mist the stump and plants, and remove dead foliage, but other than that, this terrarium relatively low-maintenance.

The light is kept on for about 13 hours.

When needed, I mist the plants with a diluted liquid fertilizer, and in some spots, apply a low dose of Osmocote Plus slow-release fertilizer.

Plant List

  • Microgramma heterophylla
  • Reldia minutiflora
  • Adiantum cf ciliatum
  • Asplenium holophlebium
  • Miscellaneous other moss and liverwort spp. (Riccardia, Fissidens, Octoblepharum, etc)

How I made it

Crown Forest Terrarium Build Series