Project Description

Coming Soon: Build Timelapse Video

My first lamp terrarium, AKA the Lamparium.

The glass vessel dimensions are approximately 12″ tall by 6.5″ wide. The entire lamp stands about 23″ tall.

It uses a cork bark section as the fallen branch.

A daylight balanced LED bulb provides illumination.

The light is on a digital timer with a photoperiod of 13 hours.

Since there is so little ventilation, the substrate stays moist for a long time.

Occasional watering is done by lightly misting the log with distilled water (about once per month).

The Lamparium is home to various microfauna, including Springtails (Collembola spp) and Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa).

Plant List

  • Elaphoglossum peltatum ‘Mexico’
  • Asplenium sp ‘Tingo Maria’
  • Microgramma sp
  • Bulbophyllum sp
  • Specklinia dressleri
  • Lepanthes calodictyon
  • Peperomia sp
  • Triolena pileoides
  • Tropical moss and liverworts

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