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Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, Peru
Growth Habit

I grow this inside a glass aquarium with high humidity, with small computer fans for air circulation.

Grown at room temperature (slightly warmer inside the tank due to the lights and humidity).

Substrate is organic potting soil, evenly moist.

This plant does not like its foliage to be wet, so water at the roots, not on the foliage. If the foliage does get wet, ensure that it dries out relatively quickly. Air circulation, such as that provided by the computer fans noted earlier, is very beneficial to this plant, and helps dry any inadvertent moisture on the leaves. Despite this, the humidity must remain very high.

The light is off to both sides (Jungle Dawn LED to the left and right at the top, with fiberglass window screen to diffuse and soften the light). I have a reflector on the front of the tank to bounce some indirect light back onto the plant and keep growth even.

Fertilize with Osmocote Plus, or a liquid fertilizer such as Sea Grow, slightly diluted.

This species has self-seeded for me. Under extremely high humidity, the seeds germinated in-situ within the pod (see photo in gallery).

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