Update – 2022-07: It has come to my attention that it’s possible this plant could be a perpetual fern gametophyte. I’m still investigating.

I have this awesome, diminutive liverwort species, growing in small patches across several of my terrariums. I’m pretty sure it hitched a ride on some orchids I bought a few years ago.

It’s a stunning little beauty, and one of my favorite bryophytes:

Micro Liverwort, possibly Fossombronia species

Micro thallose liverwort, possibly a Fossombronia species.

The entire clump shown here is a mere 0.5 inches from top to bottom!

Description and Habit

This liverwort is micro, with thalli being less than 0.25 inches across.

The thalli are typically extremely thin, to the point of being partially translucent.

The plant is variable in form, habit, and color, depending on a variety of factors.

For example, in bright light, the plant becomes yellowish. In low light, it becomes deep green, with bright green edges.

On sphagnum and very wet substrates, it grows in loose clusters with open layers of thalli. On wood and less-moist substrates, it grows in very tight, rounded mounds, and flat sheets, with very little gap between thalli.

Growth rate is moderate


I’m growing this in tropical terraria:


As with many bryophytes, you can break this into smaller pieces, spread them around, and then wait.

With some patience, and the correct growing conditions, the pieces will take hold and begin growing.

I’ve experimented with this in different conditions, and have found the plant to be quite hardy and easy growing.


I’m going to begin culturing this one, with the hope that I can grow entire sheets of it, for use in new builds.

P.S. – If you have any warm-climate liverworts which you are growing successfully in a terrarium/vivarium setup, please contact me, as I am interested in expanding my collection!

Resources and Further Reading

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