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This rare Dypsis minuta palm seed took FOREVER to germinate! Palm seeds require special preparation before planting. In this video I’ll share a bit of info and show the special process I used to prepare and plant the seed!

Dypsis minuta
  • One of the smallest palm species at 20″ max
  • Endemic to Madagascar
How I Germinated the Dypsis seed
  • Extract seed from berry
  • Clean the seed
  • Sand the hard shell off
  • Sterilize the seed (Sodium Hypochlorite 2.5%)
  • Plant seed in moisture retentive substrate just below surface
  • Seal in a humid container
  • Put in bright and warm location
  • When seed germinates, add nutrients and supplements as needed

Tips / Ideas

  • In the future I’ll consider placing the seed against the side of the clear pot so I can see if it’s germinating and how it’s growing
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In the video, the first photo of the Dypsis palm with berries is used with permission from my friend who sent the berry.

The second and third photos of the plants in outdoor cultivation are used with permission, courtesy of Maxime Maillot.

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