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Trade Names
sp. Borneo
Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Growth Habit
Groundcover, Mat-forming, Terrestrial, Trailing/Rambling


This may be a form of Selaginella intermedia or a closely related species. To the best of my knowledge this clone originates from Borneo. It grows in wet tropical forests, primarily terrestrially.

Foliage & Growth habit

The growth form of this species varies widely, depending on the conditions, which is true of most Selaginella. It can be compact and tidy, with tight fans of foliage, or a bit more sprawling and messy. The microphylls (individual leaves which look like scales) are closely overlapping and relatively broad. The color can vary from shades of green, brown, olive and pink or slightly reddish. This seems to be a medium-sized species within the genus.


Not applicable

Culture info


I grow this plant in a mix of sphagnum and other organic ingredients such as bark and leaf litter. It would likely do well in a variety of substrates.

You can browse the substrates list on my Amazon page to see some of the substrates that I use for my plants and terrariums, as well as the substrate recipes page for examples and ideas.


Keep the plant moist or slightly wet


High humidity is best for this plant


Low to medium light will result in the most attractive colors and is likely what the plant would experience in its native habitat.

By the way, I have a video that shows and discusses the lights I use for my plants, as well as a tutorial series for how to set up a grow rack.


Warm to hot temperatures

Air Movement & Ventilation

Not necessary, but as with many plants, some air movement can be beneficial


Osmocote Plus or a diluted liquid fertilizer

See my plant fertilization video for more info, or pick up some of my recommended fertilizers on Amazon.


Propagate this Selaginella by taking cuttings. Make sure they are a good size and have sufficient rhizophores and roots to support the cutting while it becomes established.

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