Learn everything you need to know about creating Bioactive Grow Bins, which are an easy, efficient, and fun way to grow tropical plants.

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Part 1

Choosing the right bin, ventilation hole considerations, and how to drill ventilation holes in plastic.

Part 2

Prepping and installing ventilation screens for the bin.

Part 3

Adding substrate and plants.

By the way, check out the Plant Database if you’d like to see lots of miniature and rare plants.

Part 4

Adding the secret sauce: springtails and isopods (AKA microfauna AKA Clean up crew). Also sharing a bunch of helpful tips and tricks.

To learn how to make your own springtail culture, watch this springtail culture tutorial.

To learn how to make an isopod culture, watch this Dwarf White Isopods Culture tutorial (goes to YouTube.com).

Grow Bin Product List

See a list of the products I recommend that you use to create your own grow bins as shown in my tutorials!

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