Resources for Plants and Terrariums

This guide is in its infancy, so there’s not much here now, but it will continually be updated to eventually have all kinds of tools, supplies, and resources for plant and terrarium hobbyists!

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Amazon Store – NEW!

Another World Terraria Amazon Store

Shop a selection of my favorite products for plants, terrariums, and other projects! Items are conveniently grouped by category as well as by project type!

Plant & Supply Vendors

Everything Aquascaping

Buceplant have tons of Bucephalandra species, but are also an excellent source for many other plants for emersed culture in terraria. They also sell aquarium tanks, lights, hardscape, accessories, and more.

Glass Box Tropicals Logo

Glass Box Tropicals

Create your personal rainforest

Glass Box Tropicals offers a huge selection of terrarium plants, hardscape elements, habitat supplies, terrarium supplies, horticulture supplies, microfauna, and more.

Moss Terrarium LED

Moss Terrarium LED

The Terrarium You’ve Been Looking For

Moss Terrarium LED is an extremely high quality terrarium unit which includes a glass container and a machined aluminum top with adjustable LED’s. Several models and colors are available.

In Situ Ecosystems

In Situ Ecosystems

The rainforest within reach.

InSitu Ecosystems are custom, plug-and-play vivarium habitats that replicate the environmental conditions of the tropical rainforest. They solve many of the problems hobbyists have faced using enclosures that aren’t specifically designed for keeping Dendrobatid frogs, dwarf geckos, orchids and other specialized species.

TAP Plastics

TAP Plastics

The Fantastic Plastic Place

TAP Plastics offers a huge variety of plastic materials (in sheets as well as preformed shapes and partss), adhesives, resins, supplies, tools, and more. They are an excellent resources when working on custom and DIY projects for terraria.