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In This Video

  • Unboxing several rare, tropical jungle plants
  • Quick discussion about pest prevention and quarantine measures
  • Preview of the planted grow bin with the plants in it


  • Sauvagesia sp
  • Argostemma sp (likely an inaccurate label)
  • Unidentified fern sp

That fern instantly climbed pretty high on my list of favorite plants!


Using my loupe magnifier, I found various insects and disease on the fern fronds, so in the video I discussed my plan of action in an effort to prevent further issues. I highly recommend you buy a high quality magnifier to use to inspect plants; it’s useful in many situations, including inspecting new plants for pests and disease. That said, you should always quarantine your new plants away from your existing collection. At this point in my hobby, my plant quarantine is essentially permanent. I put new plants in their own container, and they stay there forever.

After unboxing and preparing the plants for quarantine, I planted them in a bio active grow bin and threw in some tropical mosses and liverworts, and some fertilizer.

To learn how I make grow bins, see my Grow Bin Tutorial series

And here is the info about the fertilizers I use

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