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In this video

I trim and clean up some of my rare tropical plants, including Elaphoglossum peltatum, a miniature fern which comes in many forms.

It’s important to stay on top of plant maintenance.

By removing old and dead foliage, stems, and other debris, you help promote new growth, as well as reduce the chance of pests, disease, and mold.

Tools and supplies used in this video

  • PIXNOR Tweezers (7-piece set)
    • I really like this 7-piece set of tweezers because I can have one by each of my grow tanks and work areas. They are high-quality, and the tips are properly aligned and sharp, which makes them perfect for working with miniature plants and bryophytes.
  • Fiskars Softouch Micro Tip Scissors
    • Without a doubt, these mini shears are one of my favorite tools. There are so many things I love about them. They are small and lightweight. The rubber coated handles are comfortable. The blades are compact, thin, and extremely sharp, allowing precise trimming in tight areas and on plants of all sizes. The spring has the perfect amount of tension, allowing them to smoothly open into your hand after each snip. The easy sliding lock keeps them closed when not in use, and the rubber cap covers the blades during storage. I have two pairs of these!
  • Dynarex Blue Nitrile Gloves
    • I wear these gloves for almost everything. They fit perfectly, are comfortable, have good tactile sensitivity, and are resistant to many chemicals. They keep my hands clean and dry, which is important because I work with plants and substrates on a regular basis. In addition to being useful for horticulture, they are excellent for DIY projects in which I am working with chemicals or irritants.

Credits for audio used in the video:

Adventures by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music released by Argofox
Music promoted by Audio Library