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Trade Names
Brownie Ghost 2011
Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Growth Habit
Clumping, Groundcover, Lithophyte, Mat-forming, Rheophyte, Rhizomatous


This was one of the earliest Buce to be introduced into the hobby, back when all Buce were considered very rare and hard to find. Around that time there was what you might call a “Buce craze” spreading across the aquarium hobby.

Brownie Ghost 2011 is a highly sought after Bucephalandra which, over the years since its introduction, has become difficult to obtain. There are a lot of plants being sold under this name or similar names which are not the same species. The real one comes from the original strain which was brought into the hobby around 2011 or shortly thereafter.

It’s easy to see the appeal of this plant, which has an incredible gradient of stunning colors in a metallic sheen, on attractively shaped foliage with undulate margins and a prominent midrib.

Like other Buce, the iridescence and colors become more saturated in dim light.

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