A detailed behind-the-scenes series which explains how I built the 10 Gallon Drip Wall Terrarium. Includes lots of tips, tricks, lessons learned, and secret techniques.

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Part 1

I discuss the tank preparation and setup overview.

Part 2

You’ll learn how I created the foundation which includes “egg crate grid” structure, mopani wood, and expanding foam.

Part 3

You’ll learn how I coated the walls with Hygrolon fabric, added more foundation and hardscape, and worked on more driplines.

Part 4

We finally finish the foundation and hygrolon coating, finish the driplines, and do a system test

Part 5

I’ll teach you how I made a PVC plumbing assembly to drain into a sump, including some great tips and ideas for your next project.

Part 6

In the final video, we complete the tank by adding rocks, gravel, and plants (including Bucephalandra, the primary plant type used)

Drip Wall Terrarium Update (and lessons learned!)

  • Drip wall terrarium update photos and video
  • Challenges / issues experienced
  • Lessons learned / what I’d do different next time

How to Grow Buce Emersed (Like a Boss!)

Buce were used as the focal plant in this drip wall tank. To learn how to grow Buce, view all videos in my “Grow Buce Emersed” series

Where to buy Bucephalandra

For hobbyists in the USA, I use and highly recommend Buceplant.com.

A lot of plants they offer (including Buce, moss, and other amphibious plants) are perfect for using in a drip wall tank like the one documented here.

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