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Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Tropical Africa (Cameroon; Gulf of Guinea Islands.; Ivory Coast; Liberia)
Growth Habit
Trailing/Rambling, Clumping

This miniature-sized Begonia is very easy to grow and is a great beginner’s plant for terrariums.

It’s endemic to Cameroon, Africa, where it grows in a very warm and wet habitat.

It needs very high humidity and a lot of moisture. It can be grown quite wet. Never let it dry out.

Sphagnum is my recommended substrate for this plant.

Keep it in low to medium light for the best color; under bright light it becomes pale.

This plant grows relatively fast and will form nice clumps. In smaller terraria, it may require trimming / thinning on a frequent schedule, therefore it is recommended only for larger containers.

Begonia prismatocarpa grows extremely well in grow bins. See my Bio Active Grow Bin Tutorial on YouTube to learn how to set one up.

This is a free-flowering species with beautiful yellow blooms that have orange-red blush and stripes.

Fertilize with Osmocote Plus, or a liquid fertilizer such as Sea Grow.


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