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Climbing, Trailing/Rambling

A small species of Begonia with a trailing and climbing growth habit. This may be a form of B. tropaeolifolia, or a closely related species.

The stunning foliage is roundly serrated, with raised, scaly, whitish spots, AKA “polka dots.” Each scale has a medial trichome (hairlike protrusion from the center).

The foliage color varies depending on light and other factors, generally being various tones of green, sometimes bluish-green in dim light, with some pinkish hues (mostly on newer growth).

As with other Begonias of this type, it can be prone to suddenly “melting,” in which the foliage (and sometimes stems) rapidly become limp and rot away. It’s unclear what exactly causes melting; it is possible it may be a variety of factors.


I grow this in my bio active grow bins, as I do the majority of my plant collection.

I have had good success with my typical grow bin substrate: Sphagnum, Pinus radiata bark, and leaf litter.

I keep the substrate moist, but not wet. It should not dry out completely.

Avoid water sitting on the foliage for too long, as it is possible this may be one cause of “melting.”

Keep this plant in high humidity.

As with all of my plants, I grow this in intermediate to warm temperatures.

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