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Taxon Family
Origin of Taxon
Growth Habit
Clumping, Tuberous
Rest Period
Sporadic - Partial to full foliage die back and dormancy.

Amalophyllon clarkii is a beautiful miniature gesneriad, with serrated foliage which has contrasting veins, and tiny, pure white flowers.

It grows well with sphagnum moss as a substrate, but will also grow in other organic substrates.

Keep the plant evenly moist.

It does best in high humidity.

Low to medium light will result in the most attractive foliage. Under bright light, the plant tends to get pale in color.

This species grows from segmented, scaly tubers. The tubers are fragile and easily break apart, but each separated piece (including an individual scale) will become a new plant.

It will occasionally go dormant, or semi-dormant, with partial or full foliage die-back. During dormancy, you may slightly reduce watering, though I’ve not found that to be a requirement for the plant’s long-term survival. When new growth begins to appear, resume normal watering and fertilization. You may also wish to cut off any remaining old foliage to make way for a fresh flush of growth.

Propagates easily by division of larger clumps, as well as breaking off pieces of the scaly tubers.

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