Creators / Publishers

I’m interested in meeting other creators in the same or related niches as mine. Feel free to contact me to strike up a conversation (and hopefully a friendship!)

Please send me a message if you’d like to discuss a partnership, collaboration, interview, or other idea.

Interviews / Podcasts / Content

Do you own a relevant YouTube channel, podcast, website/blog, magazine, or other content channel? If so, I may be available for interviews or other features. Reach out so we can determine if it would be a good fit.


If our personalities, interests, and brands are a good match, we can consider doing collaborative projects. That might include designing a terraria build together, inventing a product or service, or otherwise working together in some way.

Mutual Promotions

After we’ve gotten to know each other and have established a friendship, if we both have a good feeling about each other’s company/brand, content, projects, etc, then we can consider promoting each other across social media channels.