Hobbyist Consulting

Terrariums, Plants, Horticulture, etc.

I offer personalized, online consultation services for hobbyists in the miniature plant and terraria niche. Communication options include email, chat, and Zoom calls. See below for more details.
Please contact me for hourly rate, questions, or to get started.

Please send me a message if you’d like to set up some consulting with me.

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Terrarium Plants, Moss, Liverworts

Miniature terrarium plants, tropical moss and liverworts, emersed aquarium plants, etc

  • Are you interested in collecting and growing rare miniature terrarium plants, but have questions?
  • Do you need help with plant care topics, such as substrate, lighting, watering, fertilizer, how to set up grow space, and similar things?
  • Would you like to grow lush and healthy tropical moss but haven’t been successful yet?
  • Are you running into problems and aren’t sure what to do?

I can help with these, and many other topics. Send me a message describing what you need help with and that you are interested in consultation.

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Terrariums, Paludariums, Drip Walls, Wabi Kusa, Kusamono, Etc.

  • Are you ready to jump into the terrarium hobby, but have questions?
  • Or have you made basic terrariums, but want to go to the next level and create more artistic and professional looking displays?
  • Do you need help picking the right plants for a particular build that you’re working on?
  • Are you running into issues with your terrarium and aren’t sure what to do about them?

I can help with these, and many other topics. Send me a message describing what you need help with and that you are interested in consultation.

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More Information

Services I offer

  • All services are virtual, via: online call (Zoom), Facebook Messenger, and email
    • Opinions, advice, suggestions
    • Collaboration, brainstorming, ideas
    • Sketches, concepts, designs
    • Linking to information, resources, and online products
    • Research (in some cases)

Services I do NOT offer:

  • My services are limited to what can be completed online, virtually.
    • I don’t do in-person consultations
    • I don’t source, create, or ship physical goods
    • I don’t sell or ship plants
  • My services are limited to topics which I have knowledge of
    • I don’t deal with information regarding animals, pets, vivariums, aquariums, etc
    • I don’t advise on houseplants, outdoor gardens, temperate species
  • My services are limited to legal and legitimate ways of doing things
    • I don’t condone and won’t advise people who are wild-collecting plants and materials
  • My hobbyist consulting services are not intended for business use
    • If you plan on using any of my services for commercial purposes, you must tell me ahead of time so we can work out any necessary details and agreements.


  • My consulting services are offered on an hourly basis. 
  • There is a 2 hour minimum charge
  • The minimum must be prepaid before I begin
  • Depending on the project, additional prepayment may be required
  • I do not do project-based / flat-rate jobs / estimates / quotes
  • You may set a budget, at which I’ll stop regardless of project status.
  • I only accept payments via PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account. Credit cards accepted.

What I Bill

  • All of the time I spend working with and for you will be charged. This includes, but is not limited to: gathering the details of your project, research, preparation, emails, calls, chats, and creating documents, photos, sketches, etc.
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