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In this video:

Watch me water my Ecuadorian imported plants tank. Lots of rare plant eye-candy with miniature ferns, moss, liverworts, etc.

Most ferns you’ll see are miniature, unidentified Asplenium species, and also Elaphoglossum peltatum. You’ll also see various species of moss, liverworts (probably Plagiochila species), and NOID seedlings.

Watch them get an artificial rain shower, and enjoy the beauty and wonder of miniature plants!


  • Water Sprayer:
    • Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer  (here are some other Garden Sprayers on Amazon)
      • I love this pump sprayer. It holds enough water to last reasonably long before refilling, but it’s small enough that it isn’t heavy when full. It’s high quality and mine still works great after 5 years of use. The adjustable length wand, adjustable angle tip, adjustable spray/stream, and other features are extremely helpful. For example, I can angle the tip 90 degrees downward to water plants in a tank without lifting the spray up high.
  • Water:
    • Distilled water, which I use for all of my plants, because it has no chemicals or excess minerals which can harm sensitive plants and create deposits on glass and other surfaces. Filmy ferns, orchids, moss, and other plants don’t do well with tap water.
  • Tank specs:
    • 20 Gallon Long
      • The long version of the 20 gallon allows more surface area for potted plants
    • False bottom
      • “Egg-crate” grid (lighting grid) raised up on PVC sleeve fittings. Allows excess water to drain under the plants so the pots aren’t sitting in water. Also increases air flow.
    • 3 PC fans with controllers
      • Custom wired fans and controllers to adjust air flow in tank
    • 2 Jungle Dawn LED bulbs
      • Jungle Dawns are high quality, long lasting, energy efficient, extremely bright LED bulbs. They have the ideal color temperature and lumens for plant growth, and are a white light that is natural and pleasing visually. When installing in the Exo Terra hood (below), you should remove the reflectors from the hood. This allows heat to escape, making the bulbs last longer.
    • Exo Terra Compact Hood (Large size)
      • I like Exo Terra hoods because they are clean-looking, simple, and attractive. They are also high quality and come in various sizes. The larger ones have two light switches, for example in the extra large you can control 2 sets of 2 bulbs (4 bulbs total). These hoods accept a standard threaded bulb, which is why they are ideal for use with the Jungle Dawn LED.