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In this video:

  • What are amphibious plants?
  • How does this relate to aquarium mosses, liverworts, etc?
  • How to grow aquarium mosses emersed (above water)
  • Examples of emersed Hemianthus, Bucephalandra, Riccardia
  • Photos of growing containers, tanks, plants, and so forth

In this video I describe what amphibious plants, mosses, etc are, and then I explain how this relates to aquarium mosses, liverworts, and other plants.

Next I teach you how to grow aquarium mosses in an emersed state, which means above water / terrestrially.

I show video and photos of plants, including Fissidens nobilis, growing containers, tanks, and so on.

Lots of great info to help you succeed with emersed bryophytes!

Where to buy aquatic mosses

For hobbyists in the USA, I use and highly recommend

They carry a good selection of aquatic mosses, as well as tons of other amphibious and aquatic plants which can be grown emersed for terraria and wabi kusa.


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