How to Grow Aquarium Mosses Emersed

In this video:

  • What are amphibious plants?
  • How does this relate to aquarium mosses, liverworts, etc?
  • How to grow aquarium mosses emersed (above water)
  • Examples of emersed Hemianthus, Bucephalandra, Riccardia
  • Photos of growing containers, tanks, plants, and so forth

In this video I describe what amphibious plants, mosses, etc are, and then I explain how this relates to aquarium mosses, liverworts, and other plants.

Next I teach you how to grow aquarium mosses in an emersed state, which means above water / terrestrially.

I show video and photos of plants, including Fissidens nobilis, growing containers, tanks, and so on.

Lots of great info to help you succeed with emersed bryophytes!

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