Learn one way to grow Bucephalandra emersed, how to transition them from aquatic growth, and why I prefer borosilicate containers.

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Notice: This video documents methods that I no longer use for Buce. To learn everything there is to know about growing Buce emersed, and my current methods, check out my “How to Grow Buce Emersed (Like a Boss)” video series.

Information Covered

  • Quick overview of one of my jar setups for a Bucephalandra
  • A bit of info about Bucephalandra plants

In this video I show you just one of several ways I grow Bucephalandra plants. This method involves 2 petri dishes and a borosilicate food jar. I also explain the process of transitioning Buces from submersed (under water) to emersed (out of water) growth.

Where to buy Bucephalandra

For hobbyists in the USA, I use and highly recommend Buceplant.com.

They carry a huge selection of Bucephalandra, as well as tons of other amphibious and aquatic plants which can be grown emersed for terraria and wabi kusa.

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